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We are on a mission to:
  1. Arm young people around the world with the tools they need to create the life they desire
  2. Offer teachers valuable content (books and speaking services) to empower their students
  3. Give parents valuable insight they can use to become better parents and raise kids they’re proud of
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Today, teens and young adults face a multitude of challenges as they grow into young adults and move into the real world. Many young people are not receiving the guidance and life skills training they require from schools or adults to build a foundation of success. This is a serious and growing issue. Where do these millions of young people turn for answers? CSM was specifically created to provide a solution to this problem.

CSM was founded by Kent and Kyle Healy as teens after they realized their conventional education was not providing the life-skills needed for success both in and out of the classroom. CSM is the leading brand in the personal development market for young people. CSM provides useful and engaging information created by young people for young people.

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Meet the Co-Founders:

Kent and Kyle were born in San Jose, which is in Northern California. Their first school, a public elementary school in the hills of Cupertino, had fewer than forty students. At ages nine and ten, their lives took a seriously weird turn. They thought their parents must be crazy when they dragged them halfway around the world to continue their lives in New Zealand (yes, the country next to Australia). This was a place they knew nothing about.

In New Zealand they learned to surf, dive, snowboard, wakeboard, build downhill mountain bike courses and BMX tracks, and of course, play the national game of rugby. They were never bored. If you couldn’t find them doing one of the previous activities then they were managing our surf/skate/skimboard business, working at the local surf club as lifeguards, or playing sports. Lifeguarding was an especially unique undertaking. Their patrol area included a nudist beach, inhabited mostly by old, flabby people—they still have nightmares.

Their lives were always changing. Every day was completely different, and their commitment to sports only made things more complicated. In total, they attended five different high schools, lived in eight different houses, and resided in six different cities. It was exciting, but sometimes it was tough too. “Character building,” some would say. One thing is for sure: They grew up looking at life a little bit differently.

About Kent Healy:

As a teenager, Kent Healy realized that his conventional schooling was not offering the important life-skills necessary to become successful in the real world. This resulted in the authoring of his first book as a teen and a total of 6 books before his 25th birthday. His relentless drive to discover the workings of success lead him to form several businesses and develop relationships with world leaders in the field of personal development, co-author several books,
and travel to speak around the globe.

Kent is a member of The Young Entrepreneur Council (theYEC.org), an invite-only community of the world’s top, young entrepreneurs. Together, they work to equip aspiring, young business owners with all of the knowledge and support that they need to launch successful businesses.

His recent work focuses on ways to trounce the status quo in business and in life. Today Kent travels frequently while operating his businesses (real estate, publishing, and art) and guest lecturing.

www.KentHealy.com | www.TheUncommonLife.com | www.Maxims4Mavericks.com


What do Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Kent and Kyle have in common?

They all see the need to give practical skills and inspiration to young people. You may not be able to arrange an interview with Gates or Buffet, but Kent and Kyle are available for a passionate discussion.

If you are a member of the press interested in knowing about “Cool Stuff” Media Inc., Kent and Kyle Healy, or would like to schedule an interview, please contact us at:

help@coolstuffmedia.com | 949-429-3889

Kent and Kyle have appeared on numerous television programs and over 100 radio shows throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. They speak the language of both parents and teenagers. Every appearance is met with great audience involvement and fantastic feedback.

Quotes from Kent & Kyle:

Each of the following quotes can be attributed to either Kent or Kyle Healy. If you need a quote on a specific topic, please Karen at help@coolstuffmedia.com or call 949-429-3889

“Why did we write the book? Well, for one simple reason: Because they don’t teach these practical life-skills in school or in most homes today. We’re facing an epidemic. Each year millions of students are graduating completely unprepared for the real world. This is a major problem and we want to be part of the solution.”

“Reality gave us a real wakeup call as we realized how little we knew about the real world. We’d ask ourselves. ‘Why do we learn how to balance chemical equations, but not our checkbooks?’ and ‘Why do we learn about French painters who died over three hundred years ago, but no one teaches us how to get along with other people or save money once we earn it?’ According to most adults, this was common sense. Apparently, common sense isn’t so common.”

“We were surprised to discover that there was nothing available that explained these life-skills in one book, especially one that was written by young people for young people. It was obvious that a book like this needed to be written, and since no one else had done it, we decided to do it.”

“At an early age, we discovered something that would change our life forever. We realized that you have to appreciate how little you know in order to become wiser. Life is a process of learning and then putting what you’ve learned into action—that’s how we can take control of our lives.”

“We’ve all heard life referred to as game. Well, we think it’s the most important game we’ll ever play. The information we cover in our book is what we call ‘the fundamental skills of life’ so we can win this game of life and have fun in the process.”

“Going into the real world unprepared is like walking into algebra class six weeks late. It’s something that we wanted to help others avoid by learning these fundamental skills of life.”

“We all have the choice to learn from our mistakes—this of course, is a smart thing to do. But the fact is, life is too short to be playing catch-up and making mistakes that could have been avoided. Like the old saying goes, ‘The smart man learns from his mistakes, but the wise man learns from the mistakes of other people.’ This is why we’ve spent over three and half years reading books, attending seminars, and interviewing insightful people to learn about what it takes to thrive in the real world.”

“This is also a problem for parents. Preparation for the ‘real world’ is a fundamental responsibility of parenting, yet many parents don’t do it because they simply don’t have the right tools to give their kids that explain these fundamentals. Parents need a way to bridge the gap and we founded Cool Stuff Media to be that bridge.”

“When we speak to parents, we ask them, ‘How many of you have experienced eye-roll syndrome …where every time you say something, your kids roll their eyes?’ Almost every parent will raise their hand, and we explain that sometimes it’s not the message but the messenger, and as their peers, we speak their language. We tell parents, this is an opportunity to get re-engaged in your kid’s lives and help prepare them for the day when they are on their own; and for teens, our book shares an important message, but does it in “cool” way that they can relate to.”

“Like we’ve always said, ‘Why stumble into the real world when you can cruise in … with styyyyle?’”


Come to be entertained and walk away with a powerful and practical message. Kent and Kyle Healy are the founders of Cool Stuff Media Inc. (and 3 other successful businesses), authors, columnists, experienced entrepreneurs, and speakers who inspire and empower audiences of all ages. They have long been referred to as “America’s Coolest Young Success Coaches.” Hear their story and learn how to get the life you really want and deserve. The Healy brothers use humor and compelling personal experiences to offer timeless insight from a young, fresh perspective.

Listen to their unique and inspirational story of starting a business at ages 13 and 15, living internationally for 8 years, attending 5 different high schools, and writing several international and top-selling books. Their expertise and enthusiasm has earned them invitations to over 100 TV and radio stations across the country. The Healy’s have entertained and educated audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Make your event successful and memorable.

Speech Topics:
  • Leadership & Service
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Confidence & self-Esteem
  • Goals & Habits
  • Study Success & Productivity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Money Management
  • And much more
Keynote Speakers:
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It’s a jungle out there! Entering the real world without the right preparation can be disastrous. “Cool Stuff” Media is your missing link between what is taught in school and what you really NEED to know to thrive in the real world.

Why stumble into the real world when you can cruise in … with styyyyle?!
With that question on our minds, we founded “Cool Stuff” Media, Inc.

We’re on a mission to:
  1. Arm young people around the world with the tools they need to create the life they desire
  2. Offer teachers valuable content (books and speaking services) to empower their students
  3. Give parents valuable insight they can use to become better parents and raise kids they’re proud of

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